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Judge Dredd wip by najmulosmani
Judge Dredd wip

Hopefully this may come of use, A portrait process of Judge Dredd! I AM THE LAW!

A quick really brief explanation of process was:

1. Early stage, get expressive, get colours, value groups sorted. Bolder shapes, have fun, be loose, throw in a billion custom brushes if ya like.

2. Start thinking of planes and forms, facial expression, the mood you want to evoke, here i changed a lot, and wanted to put 9999 planes on dredds chin n make his chin the Ultimate Chin haha. so planed the heck out of his chin, threw in 6 packs, biceps and steroid n synthol up in there lol.

3. Render mode, here some more changes along with the last stage.. and this happens to me everytime, when i start really rendering,, i lose the ability to use 999 brushes, and the looseness and brush economy goes out the window.. it become opaque one brush painting, i lose alotta the effect.. but oh well what can you do.

All in all, there bits of different stages i prefer more, but had to just finish it off n couldnt be asked for the stress as id changed the chin a million times lol.

Hope it helps, if yall need me to elaborate, i could do, but its pretty much kinda simple i suppose.

Keep on painting guys!

Oh and dont forget to APPLY those 9999 portrait studies into your own personal pieces sometimes, it will help sooo much with your learning process, if yall do 999 portrait copies, without thinking what purpose ur studying for such as concept or illustration, it can really be detrimental to your learning curve.

Also if you colour pick and trace portrait studies.. you wont be learning anything, I used t do it a looong time back.. n then when i attempted to paint a portrait from imagination or without the trace/grid method.. i flopped bigtime.. n plus when u grid/trace u lose your personal touch.. n thats what its all about imo. But thas my 2 cents, have fun!



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